Wednesday, May 03, 2006

so much work... so little time...
scroll down for IMPORTANT info regarding sharon bridgeforth's forthcoming retreat and reading. a MUST ATTEND!!!

i PROMISE i'm gonna post more of my babblings soon. til then, here is the poem i promised a couple of friends i'd post. i wrote it aas a part of my "poem-a-day in april" obligation to the gibbous moon collective. once it is revised, it is certain to go into the "conversations" series. enjoy!

the talk
do you think you’ll have another baby?
if so, does that mean you’re gonna have sex again?

my daughter inquires
smirk simmering at the corners of her mouth
because she knows it has something to do
with sex, which she knows
between herself and her brother
i’ve had at least two times in my life

and she knows because she’s been here before
here, to some version of this question
and, i am certain, here, to some version of this life
that i must negotiate truth and her being nine

i think she likes to watch me squirm
through the foreignism of birds and bees
language i never learned from “the talk”
i never had, like other girls had
to endear /endure with parents

she pushes me through the challenge to redefine
my understanding of what sex is
as learned from knuckle-headed boys or
prepubescent girls who were passing on what some
father/brother/cousin/mother’s boyfriend/aunt/neighbor/family acquaintance
had already stolen

it is the fire of knowing she craves
the center piece of this puzzle she’s worked on
since she became aware of victoria’s secret commercials
remarriage and the boy at table five in the cafeteria

i don’t think i’ll have anymore babies, i finally tell her
kissing her forehead with a knowing look
you and your brother are quite enough.

she skips away, satisfied that i’ve answered her question
i am relieved that she’s gone and not asking
if that means I will not be having more sex

©2006 by shia shabazz


i NEED to let y'all know of some important work going on near you.

the "rev. dr. sister-madre-friend-mentor" sharon bridgforth is doing her work. my participation in the finding voice (life work) has been a CRITICAL part to strengthening the bones of my writing. check it out...


MAY 12 -14, 2006 IN AUSTIN, TX
an intensive/week-end retreat for intermediate & advanced level wy'mnwriters of all genres facilitated by Dr. Joni Jones/Omi Osun Olomo and Sharon Bridgforth. to apply or for more info go to: ~~~~~~~~~~

Transformations: Then & Now
A Spoken Word Concert/Acapella
Featuring Sharon Bridgforth

From cancer to Yemoja from "sonate blue" to "love conjure/blues" from the root wy'mn theatre company to the bull-jean stories from butch to more butch to TwoSpirited Bridgforth will share her Journey/her Work/her Roads traveled/with readings from performance pieces published works and new things.
Thursday May 11, 2006, 7PM
at Ventana del Soul1834 East Oltorf Austin, Texas
COST: sliding scale $7-$15